The Modbury Neighbourhood Plan

How has the plan been prepared?

The plan process began early in 2015, initiated by Modbury Parish Council. The steering group includes representatives of the parish council and volunteers from the local community. Widespread public consultation has been carried out to gather local views and opinions and engage people in the process. This has included events, a stall at the Modbury May Fair, a household questionnaire and a neighbourhood plan website – The plan making process is shown below. The Statement of Consultation on the Home page describes in more detail how the community has been involved.


The Parish Council agreed to support the application for a Neighbourhood Plan at the Parish Council meeting on 08.12.14. The inaugural meeting of Modbury Neighbourhood Plan Group (MNPG) was held in January 2015. Formal designation of Neighbourhood Plan area received February 2015. Meetings have taken place with representatives of SHDC during 2016-20. Modbury hosted a joint meeting with other NPGs in July 2015 to exchange ideas and information. The consultation process has continued throughout this period with public meetings, informal meetings, displays and questionnaires. Agendas for meetings were published on the Parish Council website, the Neighbourhood website, Facebook page and the Parish Council Notice board in Poundwell Street The minutes of the meetings can be viewed both on The Modbury Neighbourhood Plan Group Website and the Modbury Parish Council Website

The draft plan was issued for a statutory six week public consultation period in March 2018 and a further 4 week sites consultation in July 2019. It was subsequently revised in order to produce this final submission version for the local planning authority (SHDC) who will arrange for its examination prior to a local referendum. When the process is complete the Neighbourhood Plan will form part of the Local Development Plan, helping to guide planning decisions in the area.

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