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The Modbury Neighbourhood Plan has been developed by a team of local residents in collaboration with the Parish Council. It takes into account the views of parishioners obtained from a number of consultation exhibitions and questionnaires carried out since the Neighbourhood Plan designation was formally approved by South Hams District Council in 2015.

The Neighbourhood Plan aims for balanced provision of housing to meet local needs while conserving the character of Modbury as a well-integrated community with a range of facilities. The Plan addresses the issue of pedestrian access, important for safety, health benefits and connectivity.  Traffic management and transport aims will require collaboration with other agencies and organisations to minimise congestion, encourage effective public transport and shared mobility. The increasing importance of protecting the environment and the need to tackle the challenges posed by climate change are themes running through the Plan and are reflected in the recent Climate Emergency Plan published by South Hams District Council.

Once the Plan has been submitted to South Hams District Council (SHDC) and independently examined, you, the residents of Modbury, will be asked to vote to approve it in a referendum organised by SHDC. If it is approved by more than 50% of voters it will become a legal document which will form an integral part of the planning process up to 2034 and beyond.

The process of making this Plan has entailed the establishment of a steering group of local volunteers with an interest in the process, and a willingness to commit to working systematically through a clearly defined procedure. The group has been supported in its task by the professional guidance of Lee Bray, independent planning consultant, and Duncan Smith, Neighbourhood Plan Officer for South Hams District Council.

The Neighbourhood Plan Group has worked with the Parish Council to engage in detailed consultation with local residents to produce a Plan based on the views and aspirations of the community and to represent those views to South Hams District Council.

This is Your Plan and we hope that you will play a part in helping to shape Modbury for the future by voting to support it in the referendum.

Ann Turner

Chair, Modbury Neighbourhood Plan Group

Peter Watts

Chair, Modbury Parish Council

The Modbury Neighbourhood Plan

Key Supporting Documents



Currently, the revised Modbury Neighbourhood Plan is with South Hams District Council (SHDC) awaiting the launch of their statutory 6 week consultation. They have deemed the reconsultation necessary because the Plan contains a significant amendment. The amendment in question is the removal of the proposed alternative site for affordable housing to the east of Ayleston Park. The Neighbourhood Plan Group and the Parish Council regret having to remove this site as provision of affordable housing in the town and the wider area is a priority, particularly given the ever increasing property prices.

We wish to be clear that this action was taken as a result of the lack of communication and decision making between various departments at SHDC. This has been the subject of a formal complaint from the Parish Council. SHDC have acknowledged their mistakes for which they have apologised and provided funding to cover our additional costs but have refused to reverse their decision on the housing numbers and site substitution. Further details of the issues and process can be found on the SHDC website.

In the meantime, we have taken the opportunity to update and strengthen the policies relating to sustainability and climate change in the light of the current climate emergency.

Neighbourhood Plans are intended to be part of long term planning and, as such, we will keep all policies under review and continue to seek opportunities to meet the needs of the community.

SHDC will publicise the start of their consultation in due course, we will also let everyone know via the Parish Council website and other local media outlets.

Modbury Parish Council

Modbury Neighbourhood Plan Group  

Postponement of Examination of the Neighbourhood Plan

South Hams District Council have unexpectedly withdrawn from their role as developers of the proposed community housing. We have therefore requested a further extension before the Neighbourhood Plan is examined in order to review options. The Independent Examiner has agreed to this and has offered an extension to run until September 4th 2021. We will update with further information as the process continues.

More Green Space for Modbury

The Rogers family, owners of the land to the east of Ayleston Park, have been working with the Neighbourhood Plan Group, the Parish Council and South Hams District Council on the proposed development for affordable housing. The Rogers family have a long history in Modbury, dating back to the early 1700s, and have previously gifted land for amenity use, most recently the land which is now the Millennium Meadow.

Following discussions with the Neighbourhood Plan Group and Parish Council, they have kindly agreed that they would commit to transferring land adjacent to the Millennium Meadow and to the proposed development site for the purpose of enhancing Modbury’s publicly accessible green space. This land would be used to create a community woodland and amenity area and allow the creation of a green corridor for wildlife and continuation of footpaths. This would improve biodiversity and natural habitat, consistent with objectives of the Neighbourhood Plan.

Next month we will present illustrations of how the green space and proposed housing development could work together. We believe that improving this green space would be a great community project and we will be providing information about how to get involved in due course.

Below are some pictures and ideas to illustrate how this additional space might be used:

1. To improve pedestrian access on a low key gravel path to the stream as a continuation of the Millennium Meadow path and through the Mary Rose Gate.

2. Carefully to manage and seed over time to improve the habitat diversity of ground flora, shrubs and trees.

3. To build on existing community celebrations, gatherings and educational
events happening around woodland and rural skills.

4. To provide natural, safe spaces for children to play. These would boost children’s physical and mental confidence and improve their relationship with the natural world.

SHDC consultation

The SHDC consultation period for the submitted Neighbourhood Plan has been extended for a further six weeks. This is due to an error in the process leading to a failure to consult with Devon County Council. In order to ensure that the consultation complies with regulations, SHDC have decided on this extended period and apologise for the error. All those who submitted comments to the original consultation should have been notified. Your comments will be submitted to the Examiner unless you indicate otherwise. You are free to withdraw comments or to submit further comments if you wish.

The three documents below are contained in an information pack which has been distributed to every household in Modbury Parish. They have been produced to help ensure that you are up to date and informed about what is happening with our Neighbourhood Plan. If, by any chance, you have not received one and would prefer to read the information in a paper copy, please leave a message for the Parish Office on 01548 830222.

PLEASE SEE this overview of the complete Neighbourhood Plan

DON’T BE MISLED – Future generations in Modbury are depending on you. – Please read this Parish Council letter to residents

DO NOT BE TAKEN IN by anonymous information being circulated by the Stop the Swap campaign. Please read this Fact Checker leaflet produced by Modbury Parish Council, supported by the Neighbourhood Plan Group

Statement from the Parish Council, 11 August 2020

The Parish Council is aware that misleading information about the Modbury Neighbourhood Plan has been circulating in the town. This campaign goes under the name of “Stop the Swap”. The leaflets and associated website are anonymous. The information which is being put out by this group contains numerous distortions of facts, quotes taken out of context and false assertions.

The community should be aware that this is the continuation of a campaign which has been directed at the Parish Council and Neighbourhood Plan Group since the re-consultation on the housing development site proposals of the Neighbourhood Plan which took place last year.

The clear purpose of the campaign is to undermine the proposal for affordable housing on the site east of Ayleston Park. This proposal was included in the first draft of the Neighbourhood Plan in March 2018. It was approved by the community in the detailed reconsultation undertaken in July/August last year and was included in the final version of the Plan which was submitted to SHDC following approval by the Parish Council in January.

We accept that not everyone will agree with all the proposals in the Plan and that everyone has a right to express their opinion in a reasonable way. What is not acceptable is that this anonymous group should seek to persuade the people of Modbury to support their aims through the assertive promotion of misinformation and failure to declare vested interests.

The Plan is now going through its six week consultation, organised by SHDC. This runs until September 14th. During this time, you can direct any comments you may have to SHDC at neighbourhood.planning@swdevon.gov.uk . Once the consultation period is finished the Plan will be sent to the Independent Examiner whose role is to test whether the plan conforms to conditions set out in the Town and Country Planning Act 1990. The Plan will then be returned to the community for public referendum. At this point you will be able to vote on whether you accept the Plan. Our responsibility is to ensure that you have accurate information on which to base your judgements.

The Parish Council will shortly be circulating leaflets which will give a summary and update of the proposals in the Neighbourhood Plan, and a more detailed review of the housing proposals. We will also be addressing the inaccuracies being circulated. We urge you to consider carefully the information we will distribute to every household and put on the Parish Council and Neighbourhood Plan websites. We trust you to work with us to make the right decision for Modbury.

South Hams District Council Consultation Dates Announced!

After much delay due to the Covid 19 restrictions, SHDC have announced that their public consultation on Modbury’s Neighbourhood Plan will start on August 3rd 2020. See the notice below for details.

Please note that this Consultation is run by SHDC and that all comments should be directed to them, not to the Parish Council or the Neighbourhood Plan Group.

It has taken a long time to reach this stage so please take time to read the Plan to refresh your memory and send any constructive comments to SHDC. Further information on the remaining stages of the process can be found on under the “What is a Neighbourhood Plan” tab on this site.

South Hams District Council Public Consultation on Modbury Neighbourhood Plan

The Neighbourhood Plan was submitted to South Hams District Council following approval by the Parish Council in February 2020. The next step in the process is for SHDC to arrange a public consultation period of 6 weeks. This is independent of the Neighbourhood Plan Group and Parish Council.

Delay resulting from the Covid-19 crisis caused neighbourhood planning consultations to be temporarily halted during the initial lock-down period. Modbury, and other Neighbourhood Plan Groups at that stage, agreed with SHDC to an extended consultation period of 3 months in order to move on the process. The most recent revisions in government guidelines, however, has allowed consultations to revert to their usual length of 6 weeks.

As soon as SHDC give notification of the start date for the 6 week consultation period details will be posted on this website, and on the Parish Council website, and notices will be put up around the parish.

The submission version of our Neighbourhood Plan is on this Home Page and on “The Modbury Neighbourhood Plan” page.

Further information about the whole Neighbourhood Plan process is given under the “What is a Neighbourhood Plan?” page where there is a road map showing the steps in the process. Modbury’s Plan is currently at the “LPA consultation stage”.

Amended Neighbourhood Plan

The amended Neighbourhood Plan (above) was approved by the Parish Council at its meeting on Feb 11th 2020. Final updating and amendments will be carried out by our independent planning consultant and reviewed by the Neighbourhood Planning Officer prior to submission to SHDC.

The draft Neighbourhood Plan, which was approved by the Parish Council at its meeting in January 2018, included the proposal to substitute the site east of Ayleston Park for the Penn Park site. South Hams District Council advised that the Neighbourhood Plan could substitute an alternative site to that included in the JLP (Pennpark) if it could be shown better to serve the interests of the community and to be a viable site to accommodate the 40 homes which had been allocated to Penn Park.

The Next Step

Modbury is required under national and local government plans to accept a proportion of new development. We have prepared a Neighbourhood Plan which offers housing suited to the needs of the community in an active co-operation with the SHDC Community Housing Team and a willing landowner. It is envisaged that the Parish Council will maintain a close and active interest in the project, ensuring that the original vision of the development is maintained.