Services and Facilities

Optimized-WAW.17.Modbury has in excess of 50 social and public organisations which illustrate the proactive nature of the community and help to sustain it as a vibrant, supportive and healthy place to live.

We are keen to hear from all groups and sections of the Modbury community as to how they see the future. Subgroup meetings have recently started with a wide range of Groups invited (if we missed anyone please let us know) to raise awareness of the Neighbourhood PlanĀ  process and to provide some insight into services as they are now, what is working well and thoughts and hopes about the future.

As a starting point discussions have been framed around the following headings:

  1. Painting a picture of community services and organisations in Modbury in 2016
  2. What is working well and why?
  3. Where are the gaps and challenges?
  4. Looking to the future what will sustain community services and organisations and help their development?

We are very keen to hear from all groups and users of those groups. These engagements will help inform the themes in the main questionnaire. Please get in touch or attend any of our events to offer yours ideas and opinions.

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