Environment and Sustainability

Sub Group Meetings underway!


The Environment & Sustainability Group have been meeting regularly to start considering the landscape of the Parish and what we all want to ensure survives for future generations to enjoy; so they invite everyone to submit photos of landscape features they’d like recorded: for example particular hedgerows or verges (perhaps with orchids), seats with views, green lanes, special trees (veteran or new), particular buildings (perhaps special enough even if in need of repair), quaint bridges or ford crossings, or features with a cultural history that might be under threat etc. Walkers, the Walk & Talk group and cyclists must pass so many artefacts or vistas it would be a shame to lose.Optimized-P1020420

Please include your reasons and its location as a Grid Reference if possible, or a map, to modburynpg@outlook.com, drop it into the Parish office on Galpin Street or use our online contact
form here

They also started thinking about how to help Modbury be resilient for the future,
picking up on the wish-list from the last survey held in the Whitehart (eg. orchards, allotments, car-share perhaps, community composting or wood fuel hub perhaps)….what are your thoughts?

It has come up several times that improving Modbury’s sustainability should be a prime focus of the plan. Community energy could be one way of doing this.

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