Employment and Business

Optimized-Walkers are Werlcome .2 007There are over 140 businesses registered in Modbury Parish both on the high street and around the Parish. These provide a wide range of goods and services both to the immediate and wider areas. What is more they provide a source of local employment and help to give Modbury its character, both as a historic Market Town and as a business centre.

The White Hart public consultation raised business and employment as a significant consideration for Modbury’s future. An initial subgroup meeting was held to identify the best course of action for engaging businesses and consumers in order to gauge their opinions and elicit ideas about:

1. The challenges businesses are facing

2. Retaining skills within the community/ employment

3. Encouraging local people to use local businesses

4. Business cooperation

Actions to be taken are:

  1. Update a directory of businesses
  2. Produce a short questionnaire for businesses

We are very keen to hear from both businesses, employees and consumers, so please get involved.

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