Working Groups

The core NPG has identified the need for eight key working groups. These groups were decided based on analysis of comments from the public consultation in the White Hart which took place on 6th June 2015 (the full report is available here). In addition to the consultation the group used their own judgement, studied the working groups in other Neighbourhood Plans and accounted for other comments made by the public outside of the consultation.

Each of the groOptimized-P1030038rotateups have a designated team leader to help co-ordinate and feedback the working group’s findings into the Neighbourhood Plan process. All working groups will strive to gain input from the public to better understand what the people of Modbury Parish want to see in the plan. This is fundamental to its success. Once data and ideas have been collated they will be written up and published on the library page. Further to this, updates on the progress of each group will be detailed on the Working Group section of this website.

We would like to encourage members of the public of all ages to get involved and help out in one or more of the working groups. If you have experience in a certain area that is great, but it is equally important we have people with great enthusiasm for the project.  Please check out our Get Involved page or Contact us if you would like to be involved.

The seven Working Groups are:


CommunicationOptimized-Walkers are Werlcome .2 041

Employment and Business


History and Heritage

Housing and Development

Road Safety and Transport

Services and Facilities


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