The final consultation on the JLP started on March 15th and runs until 26th April.

Any comments made will be sent to the Planning Inspector who will examine the plan later in the year.  In particular, comment should focus on the “soundness” of the plan and whether it has been legally prepared and meets the requirements of the National Planning Policy Framework.

Soundness means that the Council has planned for the area’s housing, employment and infrastructure needs; that the JLP is based on sound evidence; that the JLP can be delivered by 2034; and that the JLP is consistent with national policy, and enables sustainable development.

For Modbury there has been a shift from the original proposal for 80 houses next to Long Park and now they suggest 40 houses on part of that site (site H in the questionnaire) and 40 houses on two fields at Penn Park (sites F & G in the questionnaire), in addition to the 93 currently being built at Palm Cross, a total increase over 20 years of 173.  The site in Poundwell has been removed.  See the map which shows the proposals.

This is a 26% increase on the number of houses in the Town of Modbury compared with a 15% increase in the whole local plan area and just 17% in Plymouth including Sherford.  Yealmpton has no increase at all which appears illogical.  See the table for the figures for all the main towns / villages.

The Parish Council has organised a public meeting, chaired by Gary Streeter, to hear your views on Friday 7th April at 7.00pm in the Memorial Hall and will be determining its response at the Parish Council meeting on April 10th.


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