Guide to a Joint Local Plan Response


  1. I would like to object to the Joint local plan for increased housing in Modbury.

    1. Rapid growth will distort the uniqueness of this village
    2. Local transport is inadequate
    3. Distance from local shops and lack of parking will inhibit local use and further divide the community.
    4. Local economy could not provide adequate jobs ,resulting in more commuting.
    5. Does not comply with Modbury’s own neighbourhood plan.
    6. The health centre barely copes now with increased population it would be disastrous !

    • Hi Catherine, thank you so much for your views. It is so valuable to get input from the community on these issues. If you could submit a formal response to the JLP using the details at hte bottom of the guide then that would be great. The more formal replies we get the better!

      Many thanks

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