Early 2017 NPG update!

Members of the NPG, our independent pmod1lanning consultant and the Chair of the Parish Council met on January 27th with the SHDC Strategic Planner. We would like to thank District Councillor Tom Holway for supporting us at the meeting as, following the resignation of Councillor Ward, we do not currently have our own District Councillor. The objective of the meeting was, once again, to put forward the views of the community regarding proposed development sites in Modbury. We were able to bring to the meeting information from the household questionnaire as well as from previous public consultations. These overwhelmingly expressed concern at the overdevelopment of Modbury and the impact of yet another large site on the character of the town. Based on this, we have asked SHDC to reconsider the provisional proposed site and to look at more manageable and acceptable alternatives. We will keep you informed of developments.

To recap, Neighbourhood Plan Groups exist to coordinate and communicate the views of the whole community through the production of an independently assessed planning document. Completed Neighbourhood Plans are put to a referendum and, if accepted, are adopted by the local planning authority as part of the Local Development Plan. Further to our previous public consultations at the White Hart in June 2015 and at the May Fair in 2016, which gained the views of 42 and 76 households respectively, the additional views gained from the 437 households who returned completed questionnaires will serve to provide a definitive comprehensive summary of the views of the Modbury community and its desired vision of the future.

The process of collating and analysing information from the household questionnaires is now well under way, and work to present this information in a draft Neighbourhood Plan will be ongoing in March and April. In April we will be organising a public display to show how the Plan is developing. Details of date and venue will be given in the April Messenger, on the Parish Council notice board and on the Neighbourhood Plan website: www.modburynpg.co.uk

Ann Turner,

Modbury Neighbourhood Plan Group.

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