Community Services and Facilities Task Group – 1st Meeting

MoOptimized-P1020458dbury has in excess of 50 social and public organisations which illustrate the proactive nature of the community and help to sustain it as a vibrant, supportive and healthy place to live.

A cross section of community services and organisations were  invited to this meeting to raise awareness of the Neighbourhood Plan  process and to provide some insight into services as they are now, what is working well and thoughts and hopes about the future. Those invited included representatives of Modbury School, Modbury Pre-School, Modbury Health Centre, St. George’s Church, Modbury Caring, Modbury Society, Modbury Association for Recreation and Sport ( MARS), Rock shop, Modbury Brownies, Modbury Scouts, Neighbourhood Police Service, Local Fire Service, Modbury Memorial Hall, Modbury Lunch Club and Modbury Women’s Institute.

The meeting was chaired by Ann Turner, Chair of Modbury Neighbourhood Plan Group (MNPG), people who were able to attend were: Carole James (Modbury Lunch Club), Jane Greaves (Chair of School Governors), Nicky Shepley, Burda and Roger Gage (Modbury Society), Roy Sims (Modbury association for recreation and Sport, MARS ), Heather Coulson ( Group Scout Leader, Modbury Scouts), Julia Bonell (Modbury Tiddlers &Beavers), Louise Kellick (Practice Manager, Modbury Health Centre), Mark Lawrence (Modbury Parish Council), Connie O’Neill (Modbury Women’s Institute), Alison Wood (Modbury Neighbourhood Plan Group Member).

The meeting was a first step in helping organisations to think and communicate about the issues that are important to them. Each group representative was given written information about the Neighbourhood Plan process and the headings used in the meeting. They were encouraged to discuss these with people in their organisations and to feed their shared thoughts back to the Neighbourhood Plan Group.

A leaflet for children, explaining what a Neighbourhood Plan is, has been given to the school and was also given, at this meeting, to the Beaver and Cub Scout group for their use , to encourage children to become involved as it is their future the Plan is about.

All meetings are open and the input from anyone  interested is very welcome. See website for dates and times of meetings.

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