Modbury’s NP

Designated Neighbourhood Plan Area

It was agreed in the January 2015 meeting that the Parish of Modbury would be the designated Neighbourhood Plan area. This includes the main town of Modbury and the various outlying settlements of Brownston, Shilston and Orcheton. The designation letter and terms of reference can be viewed in the Library.


Modbury’s Plan

The Neighbourhood Plan for the Parish of Modbury will be constructed by a core group (please see “get involved”) using the views from the members of the plan area. We will ensure there is plenty of opportunity to air your opinions through public consultations, meetings, social media, public events and email.

Neighbourhood Plan Groups

Neighbourhood Plan Groups exist to co-ordinate and communicate the views of their community.  This is an open group which encourages participation from the whole community.

How do you make a neighbourhood plan?

  • By making sure that the whole community is consulted.

  • By understanding what people value.

  • By understanding what they would like to change.

  • By gathering ideas about how Modbury Parish should develop.

How is this done?

  • Public events

  • By informal meetings

  • By questionnaires

  • Through social media

 What next?

  • Producing a Neighbourhood Plan which reflects the views of the community.

  • The plan is independently assessed as having represented the views of the community

  • Once accepted, it is adopted by the Local Planning Authority as part of the Local Development Plan







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